Here you can find a list of things I'm currently working on. This page is not finished yet.

The language used in each project is shown in brackets before the name and their status is shown in parentheses after the name. Some projects won't have their name revealed until they are finished and may be done out of order. Below is the status list:

Probable: May or may not be done, only time can tell.
Planned: Certain to be done at some point in the future.
WIP: Work in progress, still being built and may not have any demonstrable version yet.
Paused: Development is paused and will be resumed at a later time.
Alpha: Very initial version, pretty unfinished and still needs a lot of polishing.
Beta: Part of the core has been built, but still needs more work to be final.
Gold: Final version, the whole core and all of the planned features have been built.

Once a project reaches Gold status, it can still be updated from time to time to fix bugs and add new features.

[HTML/CSS/JS] BCG2000's Digital Home (WIP): My personal website, where you can find information about me and my projects.

[Lua/HLSL] Unnamed MTA Server (WIP): A Freeroam server incorporating elements from The Matrix and Tron, with various activities and the ability to get upgrades.

[C] BIOS Bot Core (Planned): Full rewrite of my former IRC bot BIOS. It will support both IRC and Discord. BIOS will be my own personal bot with interesting commands. Its core will be used to create the admin bot AIOS and fun bot METEOR. The bots will contain AI and more of them will probably be made. Their AI will be one of the final features in development.

[C] Unnamed Forum CMS (Planned): Custom forum CMS made in C for maximum performance, optimization and stability. Going against the trend of using web languages for the task, it will be used to support my future gaming community.

[C] Unnamed Anti-Cheat (Probable): Anti-cheat that will focus on detecting different kinds of real-time modification and non-standard game behavior. The anti-cheat will be managed by the AIOS AI, with minimum intervention from my part.

[C] Unnamed Game Engine (Planned): Custom game engine that will be used to make my future games. It will focus on realistic physics, lightning and AI simulation using microvoxels. This will enable the scenery to be fully destructible and shapeable in real time.