Here is a collection of links for different things, updated periodically. So come back here from time to time.

Recommended Companies and Services

If you need things like domain registration and VPS hosting:

NameSilo (domain registrar): Cheap prices without the upsells and surprises. Free WHOIS privacy and Domain Defender, for life. Domain Tools to easily manage your domain portfolio.

Gandi (domain registrar): Over 600 domain extensions to choose from. Corporate membership to help manage your domains, along with hosting and other services. No bullshit.

Let's Encrypt (certificate authority): Free and easy to use SSL certificates for your website. Certificates expire each 3 months, but the renewal process can be automated.

Zoho Mail (hosted e-mail provider): Ad-free custom e-mail address with your own domain. Both free and paid plans are available.

ProtonMail (hosted e-mail provider): Created by CERN. Your e-mails are secured in Swiss servers with end-to-end encryption and are protected by strict Swiss privacy laws.

GitLab Pages (web hosting provider): Host static websites for free, by putting your website files in a repository (can be private). But, server-side languages can't be used.

RamNode (VPS provider): Reliable OpenVZ and KVM VPSs. Plans are divided between Premium, Standard and Massive through different locations.

NFOservers (VPS provider): Powerful Xen VPSs tailored for game servers. Guaranteed and predictable performance with DDoS protection free of charge.

ExtraVM (VPS provider): Powerful OpenVZ and KVM VPSs. All locations come with DDoS protection free of charge.

Useful Links for Web Developers

RealFaviconGenerator (favicon generator): Favicons come in different shapes and sizes, on different platforms. With this you can use a single image to generate all of them at once.

Can I use... (browser support table): In doubt whether you can use a specific web technology without leaving your target end-users behind? This will clear your doubt.